Herbal DETOX KITs 'The Package' 2-3 Months

Herbal DETOX KITs 'The Package' 2-3 Months

Baby step your way through the ABC's of Detox with the WHOLE PACKAGE! 

3 phases, 2-3 months, 3 detox kits later... 


Watch my YouTube video to see where to start. 



If you want to have a pleasant (not horrible) experience during detox, then address your adrenal / stress systems and the bowels/gut... BEFORE slipping into a LIVER DETOX.

THE PACKAGE is a 3 month process to guide you through an easy and complete body detox; for more energy, better digestion, radiant skin, less stress and good mood.


Start from the beginning of the ABC's of Detox:


A- Adrenals + Alkalize

33 days of Adrenal boosting + high magnesium /mineral herbs, medicinal mushrooms, foraged and grown by the Herbalist Mama.

with 7 days of probiotic tonic  (A-Stress Detox Kit Value $75)


B- Bowels + Biome

33 days of Gut Clearing focus and intestinal toning, colon tone... berberine + pine + ginger + clove herbs. Handcrafted by H Mama.

with 7 days of probiotic tonic  (B- Gut Detox Kit Value $75)


C- Cleanse the Liver

33 days of Liver cleansing, gently with your food medicine and fully with the most bitter herbs you've ever had. Bitter herbs harvested in BC by the Herbal Mama Herbalist herself. 

with 7 days of probiotic tonic  (C- Liver Detox Kit Value $75)



+2 Iridology Sessions, before and after detox. For a body systems check up and check in with the detox organs, I can see the entire gut in the Iris of the eye!  (Value $150, 2 hours)

+Nourishing Detox Guide - E-book, Recipes, detox tips and tricks. (Value $33)

+Workshop - Detox Ferments, Love your guts ~ Beet Kvass + Water Kefir (Workshop Value $40) In person or on zoom and recorded. August 16 from 6-8pm. Location Southeast Edmonton. 

-ZOOM calls and potlucks will be offered for nutritional / herbal group coaching and support. Every first Monday of the month. 

Next one starts August 8, 2022 8 am ZOOM + 6pm - 9pm, whichever works best for the group. 

August is stress month! Let's be cool and pretend like it's a vacay.... cause it really should be. Life should be a holiday erryday. 


If you want to read the ABC's of detox article for more extensive information email me: 



or fill out a contact form on the website. 


The article is available in the online shop to purchase for $5.55, but I will email a copy to anyone interested in purchasing a detox kit. I appreciate the support :)