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Private Workshop Ticket - Probiotic Pop

Private Workshop Ticket - Probiotic Pop

Hi, I'm a woman, known as Elaine Doucette,

I have been hosting fermentation workshops since 2012, started selling fermented food and drinks at the farmers' market in 2016, and began fermenting in 2010. I know my way around probiotics!

Gather a group of 6+ of your closest ferment friends and we can make beautiful probiotics together.

Choose from the following fermented food and drinks to make

(1-2 recipes, 1.5- 2 hours per class):

-Water Kefir, probiotic pop (includes, recipes, demo, taster, live SCOBY) $30.

*For the mother making kit it’s a separate $10, includes glass jar, plastic lid, nylon sieve.

Check out my product!

-Kimchi 🌶️

-Raw, wild, probiotic Sauerkraut

-Probiotic Pickles, carrots 🥕 cauliflower & pickle juice!!

-Beet Kvass

-Probiotic Salsa Kraut

Handcrafted fermentation crocks available to purchase and I can deliver.

I will bring all the ingredients to make a small batch, fermentation education and y'all get to take home the goods!

with 15+ years of clinical herbalist and nutritional consulting experience, I offer consulting services for whole body health and healing.

As an AHG recognized Clinical Herbalist I can make safe herbal remedies and I utilize Iridology as an assessment tool to see inside the body organ systems.

I specialize in nourishing the detoxification systems (Liver-Gallbladder, Kidney, Skin, Lung, Gut/Bowel - as well as what I consider a detox system: Lymphatic) using herbal medicine, traditional foods and general lifestyle recommendations.

I also offer fermentation, herbal medicine making and traditional foods education workshops/courses locally in Edmonton Alberta, and area.

I can book a Iridology session, herbal and nutritional health consultation, by phone, text or video conferencing ZOOM.

Some examples of "in your home" services I have done and do:

-Co-host traditional food making parties (ferments, recipes from Nourishing Traditions and made together)

-Set up a fermentation station and demo for water kefir, probiotic pop making

-Delivered a water seal crock and shared how to make a batch of sauerkraut or pickles with probiotic brine.

Use your imagination and tell me where you want me to share my health expertise :)

Thank you for choosing health!

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