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Start from the beginning of the ABC's of Detox:

Watch a presentation to learn more about this on my youtube video.

And read an overview of the ABCs of Detox listed below.


Stress DETOX KitIncludes:

**33 days of Adaptogenic Herbs (Rhodiola, Ashwaghanda, Holy Basil, Licorice, Chaga, Nettle Leaf ) 100ml, 25% Alcohol tincture, herbs are harvested, gathered and handcrafted by Elaine Doucette Cl.H


Dosage: 30 drops (1ml), 3 times per day for 33 days. The consistency of taking the the drops daily is as important as taking it at the same time daily. Build trust in the body for optimal Spleen health (TCM).

1. Take 30 drops (1ml) morning on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up in a bit of alkaline/ spring/mineralized water, or just squirt it in your mouth followed by water. Or put the drops in your coffee, but remember water is super important when you are supporting the detox organs! (A is for Alkaline minerals).

2. Take 30 drops (1ml) mid-day before lunch, empty stomach is always best for fast and uninhibited absorption.

3. Take 30 drops (1ml) in the evening before dinner. (can be taken before bed unless it bothers your sleep, some clients have felt stimulated by adaptogens even though the mechanism is balancing and not a stimulant; listen to your body).


**33 days of probiotic booster shots! Beet Kvass, Pickle Juice or Water Kefir.


Dosage: 1 oz. per day. before meals, along with the herbal blend. Best with largest meal.

Take more if needed. Up to 4 oz. 3 times daily.

Work your way up slowly to a higher dosage if you are not used to consuming probiotic food, drink or supplements.



DETOX kits, in order of the ABCs:

A- Adrenals + Alkalize

33 days of Adrenal boosting + high magnesium /mineral herbs, medicinal mushrooms.

with 14 days of probiotic tonic.


B- Bowels + Biome

33 days of Gut Clearing focus and intestinal toning, colon tone... berberine + pine + ginger + clove herbs. Handcrafted by H Mama.

with 14 days of probiotic tonic


C- Cleanse the Liver

33 days of Liver cleansing, gently with your food medicine and fully with the most bitter herbs you've ever had. Bitter herbs harvested in BC by the Herbal Mama Herbalist herself.

with 14 days of probiotic tonic


To read "The ABC's of Detox" article for more information email me:

or fill out a contact form on the website.


The article is available in the online shop to purchase for $5.55, but I will email a copy to anyone interested in purchasing a detox kit. I appreciate the support :) Ko I

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