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Handcrafted Fermentation Crock

Handcrafted Fermentation Crock

Handcrafted fermentation crocks by potter Jeannette Wright with Clay Essence pottery, made at Crocked Pot Gallery in Stony Plain, Alberta. 

This gorgeous pearly white water seal crock is approx. 9-10L for making raw sauerkraut, pickles, kvass and kimchi probiotic medicine for the whole family. 


A note from the potter:

"It’s high fired clay so the strongest clay that you can buy- microwave, oven and dishwasher safe (not that these would fit any of the above.) It could even be left outside all year- that’s how strong it is.

The clay is vitrified at the temperature I fire it to (1233C) and use food safe glaze. Even if it crackles the clay is so dense it won’t hold bacteria."

    Pearly White: white
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