Water Kefir POP Making Tool Kit + Chart

Water Kefir POP Making Tool Kit + Chart

This kit contains the "hard to find" tools for making the most successful Water Kefir Probiotic POP.  This is encouraged to pre-order for an upcoming water kefir, probiotic pop making workshop. 

Local YEG pick-up and delivery. 




-Water Kefir SCOBY care JPG chart + step-by-step 


PICK UP the tool kit at a WORKSHOP or pick-up location YEG:


-Plastic wide mouth funnel

-Nylon sieve

-1 L glass mason jar with plastic lid


-Discount code for a recommended water filtration device/ionizer. No credit check installation plan. (Best options for water sourcing and filtering article/blog coming soon...)


**Order Water Kefir SCOBY link coming soon...

(SCOBY free at workshops)


Link to my Water Kefir Making video: )